New Product Release: netZtouch QBX 7800

ITC Systems officially launches the netZtouch QBX 7800, an online account based secure print release and copier control terminal, it allows for jobs/copies to be tracked and/or can charge an account for them. This device boasts an intuitive 7.5” Touch Screen with an integrated magnetic swipe and contactless reader, a perfect solution for universities, colleges, libraries & office environments where copy/print control is required.

The netZtouch QBX 7800 has been under development for the past 18 months. “Our hardware and software engineers have tirelessly designed and validated the product to get it ready for release. We believe in bringing to life products that our customers dream of with state of the art design and functionality. We take technology and mold it to produce long lasting and aesthetically pleasing functional products”, describes ITC Systems’ CEO Campbell Richardson.

The netZtouch QBX 7800 is flexible with regards to the card or badge it accepts, from a magnetic stripe card to MiFare, DesFire, iClass, prox, corporate 1000, logic and others to allow the cardholder access to print jobs and the copier. With built in SSL encryptions you have secure communication over your network of sensitive data like card info, PINS, print jobs and so on. The netZtouch is seamlessly integrated with PaperCut’s software allowing for all features offered in their print software.

Key Features:
· Secure Print Release and manages copiers
· Integrated Mag Swipe Reader and/or Contactless Reader
· 2 x TCP/IP Ports which gives plug and play flexibility
· Standard Copier I/O port with one enable and 2 price lines
· RS-232 Port for serial connections
· Mini USB port for native USB requirements
· PS2 port for QWERTY keyboards
· Option for enhanced copier and card reader functions
· Completely integrated with PaperCut and Multiplan software
· Remote Access software to update terminal locally or remotely
· Supports SSL encrypted web service communication to a back end
· Optional stands & mounting hardware available

“At ITC Systems we pride ourselves in developing technology that is on target and timely. We are always looking to our customers for ways to enhance our products and services so that their business runs smoother with ease of deployment, describes Mr. Richardson.

Learn more about the netztouch QBX 7800 here:
About ITC Systems:
ITC Systems is an international company, headquartered in Toronto that specializes in card-based micro-payment solutions for college and university campuses across Canada and the USA. We design, engineer, produce and implement state-of-the-art cashless card management solutions at campuses and other closed environments.

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