ECCA Conference 2013- What a success!!

The European Campus Card Conference was hosted by the University of Porto, Portugal, from May 26th to 28th last. The conference was officially opened by the Rector of the University José Carlos Diogo Marques dos Santos.

This conference, which was attended by over 100 delegates from 16 countries, was an outstanding success. Presentations and workshops were presented by expert speakers from across the world, in particular Europe and the US, covering a wide range of issues relating to campus cards. The conclusions and incidences of the conference can be found at The success of the conference, which was clearly visible to all who attended the conference, certainly proved a motivating factor for the use of campus cards and its role in the delivery of an efficient and quality service for colleges and universities. It really demonstrated to all what a campus card system is capable of providing and delivering now and in the future. It was also obvious to all that there are challenges ahead but as an association we can help and learn from each other. This is one of the main aims of ECCA. The conference exhibition centre, also attracted a number of leading card companies and technology developers, providing an insight into the current and future card technology hardware and software systems. One of the key elements of the card conference was the presentation update on the European Education Connectivity Solutions (EECS) Project, now known as the European Campus eID. This is a project pioneered by ECCA on behalf of its members. We hope it will be a system that can be of benefit to all in some way in the future. The European Campus Card Association continues to become a stronger association each year and this was particularly evident at this year’s conference. Next year’s conference will be hosted by the University of Cantabria in Spain. For further information on the European Campus Card Association, you can visit the ECCA website at or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Further information on this year’s conference is available on our website under conferences/events.

About Us

The mission of the association is to assist the institutions of higher education in the Member States of the European Union and other European Countries to implement and operate campus card programmes by facilitating information exchange, by developing European standards where appropriate and by acting as a forum for interaction between the institutions and other agencies with an interest in campus card applications in Higher Education.


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