ITC Systems Launches Premium Software Support Program

ITC Systems has introduced a new software support program that will give customers access to technical support around the clock all year so they can ensure their ITC Systems equipment is always functioning at full capacity. ITC Systems founder and CEO Campbell Richardson says the new program means customers will experience virtually no break in revenue generation capabilities, and can continue supplying their own customers with the high level of service they expect and deserve.

“Our customers place a high priority on excellence in every aspect of their business,” Mr. Richardson says. “They also count on our equipment to help them generate dollars. Whenever there’s a pause in service, there’s a pause in credibility and revenue and so the Premium Software Support Program is designed to keep things working smoothly from all perspectives.”

ITC Systems is a leading supplier of card-based transaction control devices and related software systems. Founded more than 20 years ago, the company provides universities and other institutions with a wide range of cutting edge solutions for vending, copying and printing.

The company’s Premium Support Software program minimizes any potential downtime by giving ITC Systems customers access to fully trained technical support representatives any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

“Premium Support provided peace of mind, especially when we launched our One Card system,” notes Patrick Genest, Director of Food, Conference and Card Services at the University of Ottawa. “We have since benefited from the extended support hours for maximizing our uptime and student experience.”

Mr. Richardson says that ITC Systems is continually looking for ways to help customers meet their objectives as effectively as possible.

“In a competitive world, where every dollar counts, the Premium Support Software program makes a lot of sense,” he notes. “We provide a very advanced technology and we have an extensive knowledge base; our customers can now take advantage of our problem solving capabilities whenever they so desire and we’re all very proud to be able to make that service available.”

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About ITC Systems:
ITC Systems is an international company, headquartered in Toronto, that specializes in card-based micro-payment solutions for college and university campuses across Canada and the USA. We design, engineer, produce and implement state-of-the-art cashless card management solutions at campuses and other closed environments.

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