ECCA Conference Best Presentation Award Winner 2018

This year’s Conference Best Presentation Award was dedicated in honour of the late Tom Watkins from Emory in the USA. The winner of this year’s award, as voted by the attendees, was Ms. Claire Crowley from University College Cork in Ireland. 

Ms. Claire Crowley
Ms. Claire Crowley

Claire’s presentation entitled "The UCC Campus Card - from Plastic to Smart "focused on how the UCC ID card has developed enormously over the years. It has been transformed from a laminated piece of paper with a photograph and basic student details, used simply to verify student status, to its current incarnation as a smartcard, with embedded Mifare technology with many applications and services.

Claire is an IT Analyst/Project Manager in the Enterprise Applications group, part of IT Services in University College Cork, Ireland, where she has worked for the last 13 years. The Enterprise Applications Group provides and maintains IT systems to support the business and management information needs of the University. Claire has wide experience ranging from system support to the managing of large scale university-wide projects. For the last 5 years, one of her areas of responsibility has been the development and support of ID card-based systems and services, including the UCC Smartcard.

ECCA extends its congratulations to Claire on an excellent, practical and very informative presentation of a campus card system.


ECCA Conference 2019

The ECCA Conference 2019 will be hosted by Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria, from May 19thto 21st.
The City of Linz
Linz is a city in Upper Austria, straddling the Danube River midway between Salzburg and Vienna. As the third largest city in Austria it is a great tourist destination with many interesting sights and activities. Some of these include;
1.  Ars Electronica Center – The museum of the future
The striking building situated directly by the Danube houses impressive exhibitions on art, technology and society. Here, you can control robots, clone plants and take photos of your retina. You can telephone an android, isolate your own DNA or experience a new dimension of travel through space and time
2.  Linz's Pöstlingbergbahn,
The steepest adhesion railway in Europe, creates a harmonious combination of nostalgia and modernity through its design. In only 20 minutes, starting from Hauptplatz, its climbs Linz's local mountain.
3. Hauptplatz (The Main Square)
This forms the centre of Linz, and with an area of around 13,200 m², it is one of the largest enclosed squares in Austria. Hauptplatz is located near to the Danube, and is enclosed by buildings with an important historical background and whose striking facades characterise the square's appearance.
4. Mariendom (New Cathedral)
The largest church in Austria is situated in Linz – the New Cathedral (also called Mariendom or Maria-Empfängnis-Dom). Beautiful glass windows decorate the cathedral, which was finished in 1924 and can accommodate 20,000 people. The sacred space is also fascinating. Mariendom is a haven of peace and an architectural masterpiece. Enjoy the view over Linz from the spire.
The great combination of historical buildings, stunning architecture, vast areas of green space, and modern innovations make it a very attractive city. Since 2014 Linz has been part of the UNESCO Creative Cities network and this is apparent with the brilliant array of museums you can visit here.
Johannes Kepler University (JKU), Linz
The Johannes Kepler University Linz, founded in 1966, is a public institution of higher education in Austria. It is located in the city of Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. It offers bachelor's, master's, diploma and doctoral degrees in business, engineering, law, science, and social sciences.
Today, approximately 20,000 students study at the park campus in the northeast of Linz, with 14% of students being from abroad. The university was the first in Austria to introduce an electronic student ID in 1998.
Young, but oh so impressive. At just a little over 50 years old, the JKU has experienced quite a bit - and has a lot to offer: an outstanding selection of academic degree programs on one hand and on the other, it is a place to be happy.  And instead of scattering faculties and departments throughout the city, almost all of the departments are available in one, well-designed modern location. In addition to shorter distances and being able to save time getting from one place to the other, the campus environment supports one important thing in particular: communication.  Students and professors spend time together both in and out of the classroom.


European Campus Card Association Conference 2018

The European Campus Card Association Conference was held in association with Wageningen University & Research Netherlands from May 27thto 29thlast. This conference, which was attended by over 60 delegates from 14 countries, was an outstanding success. Presentations, practical demonstrations and workshops were presented by expert speakers from across the world, in particular Europe and the US, covering a wide range of issues relating to campus cards and more. The conclusions and incidences of the conference can be found on our website.
The success of the conference, which was clearly visible to all who attended, certainly proved a motivating factor for the use of campus cards and their role in the delivery of efficient and quality services for colleges and universities. It really demonstrated to all what a campus card system is capable of providing and delivering now and in the future. It was also obvious to all that there are challenges ahead, however as an association we can help and support each other to overcome obstacles. Providing networking opportunities is one of the main aims of ECCA.
The conference exhibition area also attracted a number of leading card companies and technology developers, providing an insight into the current and future technology hardware and software systems.
The European Campus Card Association continues to become a stronger association each year and this was particularly evident at this year’s conference. Next year’s conference will be hosted by Johannes Kepler University in Linz Austria from May 19thto 21st.
For further information on the European Campus Card Association or the annual conference you can visit the ECCA website at or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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With the introduction of contactless and mobile payments the way products and services are purchased is completely transformed. In 2017 card payments overtook cash for the first time and contactless payment’s popularity is on the rise. Not surprising since this contactless method brings the average transaction time back to 7 seconds.

 Mobile payments

Driven by flexibility and convenience, it is only a matter of time consumers will also fully adapt mobile payments. It is predicted that in 2023 90% of all adults will own a smartphone, interacting with the device 65 times a day. These consumers desire fast and easy communication, a smooth shopping experience and paying without hassle. It has also been proven that mobile payments are more secure than other forms of payment because of all the extra layers of security, a very important criterion for users.

Micro payment platform SKUARIO

Responding to the rapidly growing demand of easy transaction processes and security SKUARIO developed its micro payment platform specifically aimed at the sales of facility services. Users can deploy the SKUARIO app to pay for products or services from Multi Functional Printers (MFP’s), vending machines, EPoS systems and much more. One of the many benefits is that they can purchase these items at unattended devices 24/7. In line with the consumer’s wishes the mobile application (for Android and iOS) is easy to install and the clear design makes navigating through the menu very simple.

Deploy your services more efficiently

As a university managing unattended devices can be a challenge. Especially when you want these to generate revenue. SKUARIO is a cost-effective cloud based solution which allows you to have 24/7 availability. It takes away the complexity of installation and configuration of devices by letting you set up in the cloud. After that SKUARIO will be directly operational, without the need for extensive (and expensive) hardware.

Once in use, SKUARIO will offer you a clear overview of usage/costs of facility services, assists you in saving on i.e. paper, ink, power and the reduction of waste and takes over the management of users. 

No financial hassle

As an officially licensed Payment Institution Agent, SKUARIO will take care of all your payment challenges. This means no countless contracts with different (inter)national payment providers or banks. SKUARIO will be your only contract partner who takes care of all financial clearing and settlements. SKUARIO’s micro payment platform is GDPR compliant.

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Your Student Card is more than a piece of plastic

Cards have many features. You can pay with it, open doors, collect bonus points or start acoffee vending machine. And of course, all at once. Multifunctional cards are nothing special anymore. They have long been useful companions in our daily lives without necessarily being of special importance. Their functions make them practicable. However, they do not decide how important a card is to us. The value we attach to it depends on the trust placed in it.

A student card is not like a Copycard
2013, the Technical University of Munich introduced their current Student Card and this consideration was decisive for their success. Among the common functions such as access badge, library card and student services electronic payment card, a ticket from the Munich public transportation network (MVV) should be included in order to be able to use the public transport at a reduced price. The idea of combining student cards with transport tickets was obvious, as public transport has always offered special student rates. Until 2013, this was associated with a high administrative effort, as the entitlement to reduce the price, had to be confirmed by the university by the status "student" and had to be verified by the MVV. And that should change with the Student Card.

Security and reliability are trustworthy and efficient
To cooperate means to be more efficient. And to be efficient, it needs confidence. In the case of the Technical University of Munich, it was important that MVV could rely on the validity of the renewal system of the university. It was necessary to ensure that no one could misuse the special tariff of MVV. Without additional effort for verification!The Technical University of Munich put their trust in ANA-u GmbH. In their complete and efficient system for the semester renewal of ID cards. Together they designed a student card that deserves the status ID card: functional, personalised and with the possibility to extend, when the study continues.The thermo-re-write technology and the validation software of Ana-U GmbH exclude systemic and manual manipulations. This ensures confidence in cards and makes them more than a piece of plastic.

About Us

The mission of the association is to assist the institutions of higher education in the Member States of the European Union and other European Countries to implement and operate campus card programmes by facilitating information exchange, by developing European standards where appropriate and by acting as a forum for interaction between the institutions and other agencies with an interest in campus card applications in Higher Education.


For general information about European Campus Card Association, please contact us at:
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