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Within the education sector there are multiple suppliers of many different products and solutions i.e. cashless catering, print accounting, student registration etc. Each of these suppliers have their own, preferred, accounting or payment solution. Each solution comes with its own method of user and ID registration which requires upfront investment in IT, IT services and admin work. And finally, these solutions don’t work together and require an admin workload to get a complete overview of the usage of the different facility services. We call this “IT stress”.

Inepro offers a solution which smoothens this process and offers with stress-free and simple operation ease of use. Inepro develops high-quality payment and management solutions that takes away administration and IT tasks. From regulating print jobs to streamlining lunch payments, Inepro provides both the software and hardware necessary for creating a fully cashless environment.

No more IT stress points with Inepro Back Office Suite (iBos). One scalable and modular software suite for all cashless applications. One database, One admin manager, One ID for everything. The iBos application consists of several modules that can be set up completely according to your wishes. Because iBos is configured to measure, it always fits precisely to your needs. With iBos the users, staff and students, have a single account with credit which can be used for all facility services. Everyone can link their own ID, i.e. campus card, public transportation card, NFC, or biometrics (finger print), selves. And finally iBos automatically delivers, periodically a clear overviews of spendings, usage and accounting information based on the different facility services. With the upcoming cloud based services Inepro offers more control by its users, students and staff, selves i.e. account statement, blocking cards, purchasing credit via web payment and more.

Inepro helps you prepare to achieve tomorrow’s goals. Inepro cares about the future and has therefore invested in green innovations. Our products and solutions don’t just save time and money. With minimum impact on our environment; our responsibility to future generations.
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Conference 2016 – European Campus Card Association

Advancing for the Future..............................eID Credentials

The 2016 European Campus Card Conference (ECCA) will be hosted by Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland, on May 22nd to 24th 2016. Wrocław is also the European Capital City of Culture in 2016.

This is the 15th annual conference since ECCA was founded in 1992.  The conference is already attracting huge interest, and delegates from all over Europe and worldwide are expected to attend.

Presentations, Research Papers and technical workshops will be presented by speakers from Europe and the US covering a wide range of issues relating to campus cards. The conference exhibition centre, will be attended by leading worldwide card companies and technology developers, provided an insight into the current and future card technology hardware and software systems.

The success of ECCA has been clearly visible to all who attended the conferences, and certainly proved a motivating factor for the use of campus cards and its role in the delivery of an efficient and quality service for colleges and universities. It demonstrates how the power of networking to share information, experience and knowledge is so important.

For further information on the European Campus Card Association and this year’s conference, you can visit the ECCA conference website at or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The City of Wroclaw
Wrocław  is the largest city in western Poland. Today, it is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. The population of Wrocław in 2014 was 633,802, making it the fourth largest city in Poland. Wrocław was ranked by consulting firm Mercer, "The best city to live in" in 2015, and has been included in this ranking as a city growing business centre.

Wroclaw University of Technology
The university has been functioning under the current name since 1945. It was established and organised by researchers from Lvov and Warsaw. Since the very beginning of its existence, it has been an important centre of technical education. Today, it belongs to the best technical universities in Poland – over 34 000 students study here under the guidance of 2 000 academic teachers, at the 15 faculties in Wroclaw, Jelenia Góra, Legnica, Wałbrzych). It rates high in the annual rankings of Polish universities.

In this way, owing to the Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław appears as the capital of Polish computer science. This is because of the European level of teaching and research run by the university employees. Their achievements are recognised not only in Poland but also abroad.


European Campus Card Conference 2015

The European Campus Card Conference was hosted by the Czech Technical University, Prague from May 24th to 26th last. The conference was officially opened by the Rector of the University. This conference, was attended by over 60 delegates from 18 different countries. Presentations and workshops were presented by expert speakers from across the world, in particular Europe and the US, covering a wide range of issues relating to campus cards and the future of mobile of technology.

The conclusions and incidences of the conference can be found at 
The success of the conference, which was clearly visible to all who attended the conference, certainly proved a motivating factor for the use of campus cards and its role in the delivery of an efficient and quality service for colleges and universities. It really demonstrated to all what a campus card system is capable of providing and delivering now and in the future. It was also obvious to all that there are challenges ahead but as an association we can help and learn from each other. This is one of the main aims of ECCA.

The European Campus Card Association continues to become a stronger association each year and this was particularly evident at this year’s conference. Next year’s conference will be hosted by Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland.

For further information on the European Campus Card Association, you can visit the ECCA website at or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ECCA 2015 Conference – Best Presentation Award

This year’s ECCA Conference Best Presentation Award, was awarded to Jorge Lanza from the University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain. Jorge is a researcher at the Network Planning and Mobile Communications Laboratory of the university, giving lectures and practical courses at the university and at national and international conferences. He has participated in several research projects, national and international, with both private and public funding.


His presentation at the conference “Virtualizing the smart card on the cloud, and the implications in security” covered many topics about life on campus moving towards a mobile, keeping up with current trends, NFC and secure elements in phones and Host Card Emulation which promises to enable an environment that will virtualize smartcard and does not rely on a hardware secure element.

Further information on this presentation is available on our website.

NACCU Web Conference Biometrics on Campus - Accurate and Fast

Thursday, June 18, 2015
1 PM Atlantic , 12 PM Eastern , 11 AM Central , 10 AM Mountain , 9 AM Pacific


From federal credential verification requirements to the latest smartphones, in just a few short years biometric identification has moved from beyond the fringe to the latest must-have technology. Successful iris identification implementations at Georgia Southern and several other university dining halls are proving that the technology works. This presentation will feature discussions on campus biometric applications, addressing system integration and privacy concerns.


Fee: $0


Richard Wynn, Georgia Southern University
David Stallsmith, Director of Product Management, ColorID

Richard Wynn has been in both the public and private side of university card programs since 1997 working for small startups and large universities. He has championed several innovative technologies to provide campuses with successful biometric, access control, printing, laundry, and stored value systems. Richard is currently the Director of the Eagle Card Program for Georgia Southern University.

David Stallsmith is Director of Product Management for ColorID, a leading provider of identification systems and components across North America. By communicating complicated technical information in understandable terms, he has helped hundreds of government agencies, universities and other institutions with their decision-making processes regarding contactless smart card and biometric technologies. He is an annual presenter at the National Association of Campus Card Users conference and has presented at other card and identification-related conferences in the United States, Canada and Europe.

More Information
If you have questions, please contact Jörrun Liston, NACCU Education Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 406-493-0622

About Us

The mission of the association is to assist the institutions of higher education in the Member States of the European Union and other European Countries to implement and operate campus card programmes by facilitating information exchange, by developing European standards where appropriate and by acting as a forum for interaction between the institutions and other agencies with an interest in campus card applications in Higher Education.


For general information about European Campus Card Association, please contact us at:
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