About us

Mission Statement

The mission of the association is to assist education institutions in the Member States of the European Union and other European Countries to implement secure ID Credentials that will facilitate the operation of campus card programmes and enable information exchange between institutions. This will be achieved by developing European standards where appropriate and by acting as a forum for interaction, networking and developing partnerships between the institutions and the campus card transaction industry.

The Aims of ECCA

  • To provide a networking platform for members to develop partnerships, exchange information and enable problem solving through research and development of secure identification credentials and campus card transaction technologies.
  • To promote trans-national cooperation between the institutions in order to advance research and development of standards to achieve interoperable and cost effective systems.
  • To initiate, coordinate and support research projects that promote the development of new technologies in campus ID credentials and card transaction systems.
  • To achieve cooperation in the field of education by establishing close links with other organisations and industries that have similar objectives.

As the designated authoritative organisation for the collection and dissemination of information to support the development of campus ID credentials and campus card transaction systems, ECCA aims for a membership of over 500 members representing education institutions across Europe. It will keeps abreast of the knowledge base and the on-going technological changes and requirements for its members.