ANA-U improves Self-Service Terminal CT3

For over a year, Covid-19 has kept the world in suspense. In all aspects of life, we have to master big challenges.  As a manufacturer of card issuing systems, we at ANA-U GmbH were able to experience first hand how universities struggled for safety and protection for students and employees while maintaining everyday life under completely different circumstances.

We know, we can’t solve all the big issues. But we would like to make everyday life easier and safer. So we focused on improving our product self-service terminal CT3 in order to achieve higher protection level for staff and security for students.

Simple and easy:

The self-service terminal CT3 enables the simplest creation and issuing of both simple cards and ID cards without any people to people interaction.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, issuing of cards or IDs have become significantly easier and do not require any additional support. The ANA-U WebCard Management, which has been tried and tested for years, is a decentralized and service-oriented system for issuing cards.The current self-service version enables easy access to create ID cards with perfect photos supported by the automatic facial recognition system without any special knowledge.



For student IDs, visitor cards, replacement cards, conference  and trade fair IDs as well as employee IDs;

  • Thermo transfer printing
  • Camera integrated
  • Barcode scanner integrated
  • RFID reader integrated
  • Display (resolution: 1026x600)
  • Industrial PC (Intel Atom N-Series)
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • individual front design