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Within the education sector there are multiple suppliers of many different products and solutions i.e. cashless catering, print accounting, student registration etc. Each of these suppliers have their own, preferred, accounting or payment solution. Each solution comes with its own method of user and ID registration which requires upfront investment in IT, IT services and admin work. And finally, these solutions don’t work together and require an admin workload to get a complete overview of the usage of the different facility services. We call this “IT stress”.

Inepro offers a solution which smoothens this process and offers with stress-free and simple operation ease of use. Inepro develops high-quality payment and management solutions that takes away administration and IT tasks. From regulating print jobs to streamlining lunch payments, Inepro provides both the software and hardware necessary for creating a fully cashless environment.

No more IT stress points with Inepro Back Office Suite (iBos). One scalable and modular software suite for all cashless applications. One database, One admin manager, One ID for everything. The iBos application consists of several modules that can be set up completely according to your wishes. Because iBos is configured to measure, it always fits precisely to your needs. With iBos the users, staff and students, have a single account with credit which can be used for all facility services. Everyone can link their own ID, i.e. campus card, public transportation card, NFC, or biometrics (finger print), selves. And finally iBos automatically delivers, periodically a clear overviews of spendings, usage and accounting information based on the different facility services. With the upcoming cloud based services Inepro offers more control by its users, students and staff, selves i.e. account statement, blocking cards, purchasing credit via web payment and more.

Inepro helps you prepare to achieve tomorrow’s goals. Inepro cares about the future and has therefore invested in green innovations. Our products and solutions don’t just save time and money. With minimum impact on our environment; our responsibility to future generations.
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The mission of the association is to assist the institutions of higher education in the Member States of the European Union and other European Countries to implement and operate campus card programmes by facilitating information exchange, by developing European standards where appropriate and by acting as a forum for interaction between the institutions and other agencies with an interest in campus card applications in Higher Education.


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