Inepro payment system gives UCLL student control

After a recent merger, a new payment system for all multi-functional printers, vending machines and cash registers was the first major project of the University College Leuven Limburg (UCLL). Teacher Luc Coenegracht, previously involved with the print and copy side of things, took the lead in this challenging project. “When it became known that we were going to merge, I argued the case for one joint payment system that all staff members and students could use to pay on all campuses. A plethora of different payment systems and payment cards could be avoided by implementing one integrated solution.”

For Bram Mostmans, account manager at Inepro, it was a pleasant and challenging task. “We have had to make a major effort to make it all work. We encountered three different types of multi-functional printers that our payment system needed to be connected to. In addition, UCLL had requested a few back-up solutions. But the collaboration with the UCLL has always been excellent. We managed to complete the job together.” 

The solution which best suited UCLL’s objectives

UCLL was founded in 2014 following a merger between the Limburg Catholic University College, Leuven Catholic University College and Group T. The ‘new’ college was faced with a few organisational challenges including the tender for a new payment system. Inepro had to earn the right to commission the assignment. “After meeting various suppliers and carrying out numerous tests Inepro came out on top. They could offer the solution which best suited the objectives that we had set. As an extra check, we carried out another test with our printers and their payment system and that appeared to be a good match”, says Coenegracht.

Payments and attendance registration with 1 card

Inepro’s solution is tailor-made for the UCLL. All 15,000 students and 2,700 staff members have a card for paying at printers, vending machines and cash registers. The payment card is for individual use and also registers their attendance. There is no money on the actual payment card anymore, the money remains on the server. In the UCLL central database, everyone is uniquely coded, so that possible discounts can easily be deducted. “Some people have two or more cards because they have various functions within the UCLL, however they are marked as a single individual in the database. The Inepro system was the only one that worked effectively with multiple cards for one single person”, according to Coenegracht.

Replacing the payment systems turned out to be a straight-forward job. “In only two days, we were able to equip all 28 vending machines with the new payment system. The printers only took 1 day. In total, more than 120 multi-functional devices and printers have been equipped with the new payment system within the UCLL.”

 Inepro also provided the 12 touchscreen cash registers in UCLL’s canteens. Discounts are received on an individual basis. Coenegracht: “There are different discounts for students or staff members. The student will pay a lower price than a staff member. Topping up the card goes via bank card or via the webloader. In addition, we have the MyInepro app where our students and staff members can view their transactions, manage their documents and top up their cards.”

More control for students

Mostmans: “One of the objectives of our system is to reduce the workload of service desks as much as possible. We want to limit the administrative processing by shifting the responsibility to the user. In case of a lost card, students can block it themselves. The student can also view all transactions and manage print jobs in the print queue. With this system, you can give the student control, which they highly appreciate.”


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