A step towards the university of the future Methodist - University of São Paulo

Founded in 1938 the Methodist University of São Paulo, also known as UMESP, is a private university based in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

UMESP currently enrolls over 18,000 students, with most popular programs in the areas of communications and theology offered across 7 institutions distributed in 23 campuses. The school offers 40 different degrees, 60 post-grad programs and also K-11 programs.

UMESP is an often recipient of the most renamed awards in Brazil such as the Most innovative use of IT in Education in the “IT Media and Information Week Brazil 2015”; and the best higher education institution in the field of Communication and Information Management during the last 6 years in the “Brazilian Student Guide”. 

The Brazilian higher education market is the largest in Latin America. The sector has grown exponentially in recent years, largely due to a rapidly expanding middle class. According to data from the Secretariat of Strategic Studies of the Presidency, there are over 2,300 institutions (75% of them are privately own), approximately 6,5 million students enrolled in a classroom education, and around 1,3 million students enrolled through the distance learning education model.


Business Challenges

UMESP administrative and IT personnel were frustrated since they had several vendors to handle with manual processes which made their daily life cumbersome. Moreover, since their high paper waste rate, a confidentiality issue arose because of the lack of printing control.

Although they spent hundreds of hours processing disperse information trying to improve their billing control, their staff­ found it difficult to find and manage important data; and valuable information were being spread over the campuses. Too much time and eff­ort was spent to manage the transactional information. Students also were frustrated because they must use several means of identification or manual cash payments to access a service.


INEPRO as UMESP strategic partner

The goals of UMESP were to create a better and differentiated experience to their students in a cashless environment while optimizing their back-office’s processes though a centralized information management approach which will help them to reduce their operational costs, and bring value to their students and employees.

Initially chosen because of its affordability and enhanced functionality to use student identification cards, DocuPRO helped the UMESP to simplify student identification, and centralize critical transactional information providing the ability to run centralized accurate billing reports regarding their print, copy and scan services. In conjunction to that, a reinforced printing policy was put in place using DocuPRO’s abilities which allow UMESP to control and govern the printing service.

After INEPRO engineers studied the UMESP’s billing information flows, a new phase including an account top up self-service solution using INEPRO’s SmartLines with CashPRO, as well as a PrintMyDoc cloud printing service was implemented to streamline their business processes, provide freedom and mobility to their students, and deliver more value to their academic personnel.


Return on Investment

Through INEPRO’s solutions UMESP greatly reduced the amount of staff time needed to process printing billing information, and student account handling. Documents now move seamlessly through the INEPRO PrintMyDoc cloud service from anywhere, at any time, from any device providing full printing flexibility to their students and professors. Departments from each campus know who prints, copies and scans what documents, and all information is recorded electronically centralized.

With the push of a button, students automatically top up their accounts eliminating manual data entry and the need of cash in campus while simplifying significantly the account management processes.

The operational costs have been intensely reduced in 15 thousand dollars a month from the beginning of the project. As a consequence, the savings level reached accelerated the return of the investment and ensured UMESP a stronger financial position.


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