Bravida announces new Card Reader

Discover our new unique card reader BCR-SD G2

Bravida is proud to announce that our own developed security platform Integra since November 2017 includes a new unique card reader, BCR-SD G2. 

BCR-SD G2 is a display reader that can describe status, alarm, competence etcetera. The technique is developed in order to clarify for the user and simplify for the installer. In other words, BCD-SD G2 can receive information and then visualize it on the display for a clearer and more improved result.

BCR-SD G2 is only 18 mm thick and the full color display makes it possible to show information as animated symbols. The reader is also equipped with concave resilent buttons which are placed in a matrix. This solution makes the keypad extra visible and will make it easier for the users for example when an alarm is switched on or off.

This reader is made out of reusable plastics, the power consumption is optimized and all the material follows the RoHS regulations within EU, which, for instance, means that the products are completely free from lead, nickel and chromium.

During 2018 BCR-SD G2 will support OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol). This means that BCR-SD G2 can be used with other systems than Bravida’s own developed security platform Integra.

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