Your Student Card is more than a piece of plastic

Cards have many features. You can pay with it, open doors, collect bonus points or start acoffee vending machine. And of course, all at once. Multifunctional cards are nothing special anymore. They have long been useful companions in our daily lives without necessarily being of special importance. Their functions make them practicable. However, they do not decide how important a card is to us. The value we attach to it depends on the trust placed in it.

A student card is not like a Copycard
2013, the Technical University of Munich introduced their current Student Card and this consideration was decisive for their success. Among the common functions such as access badge, library card and student services electronic payment card, a ticket from the Munich public transportation network (MVV) should be included in order to be able to use the public transport at a reduced price. The idea of combining student cards with transport tickets was obvious, as public transport has always offered special student rates. Until 2013, this was associated with a high administrative effort, as the entitlement to reduce the price, had to be confirmed by the university by the status "student" and had to be verified by the MVV. And that should change with the Student Card.

Security and reliability are trustworthy and efficient
To cooperate means to be more efficient. And to be efficient, it needs confidence. In the case of the Technical University of Munich, it was important that MVV could rely on the validity of the renewal system of the university. It was necessary to ensure that no one could misuse the special tariff of MVV. Without additional effort for verification!The Technical University of Munich put their trust in ANA-u GmbH. In their complete and efficient system for the semester renewal of ID cards. Together they designed a student card that deserves the status ID card: functional, personalised and with the possibility to extend, when the study continues.The thermo-re-write technology and the validation software of Ana-U GmbH exclude systemic and manual manipulations. This ensures confidence in cards and makes them more than a piece of plastic.

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