Consultation Process on the Development of a Proposed Framework for Trusted Student Identification and Access to Services on a Cross Border Basis

ECCA has commenced a consultation process on the development of a proposed framework for trusted student identification and access to services on a cross border basis. To facilitate this consultation process with the relevant stakeholders, ECCA has produced and published a document, which provides a context on a European Student eID, mobility requirement and the outcomes from relevant research projects and studies. It discusses the benefits from removing barriers, the need for achieving trust in the cross-border mutual recognition of students and the challenges and issues that need consideration in the development of a proposed framework. It also discusses the absence of interoperability, security and authentication standards, which are some of the main obstacles that are currently precluding students from using their campus card/eID credential to provide cross-border authentication and access to services in another European country

The ultimate aim of this process is to identify and agree on a proposal for the development of a European Student eID Credential Framework that will enable services providers to deliver and operate academic and non-academic services on a cross-border basis throughout Europe.  These proposals, which will provide a predictable regulatory environment for Service Providers to operate in Higher Educations Institutions will be compliant to eIDAS (EU Regulation No 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European internal market). To achieve this aim the process will require real engagement and buy-in from all stakeholders (Educational Institutions, Service Providers and Students). Their opinions and experience will be essential to a successful outcome, as any proposed solution must complement and support the objectives of both educational and service provider requirements. It is important that a proposal on the development of any new concepts, products or services will focus on the delivery of added-value to the student.

Therefore, as a first step we need to gather information from the stakeholders to obtain their views and opinions on their future needs and requirements.In particular, it will be important to assess the requirements with regard to eIDAS compliance, data integrity, confidentiality, interoperability and services (both academic and non-academic) requirements. In addition, country-specific issues and barriers including legal, technological and the economic viability of any potential solution will need to be evaluated and quantified.

The process of gathering information from the stakeholders will involve a survey.ECCA invites input from the stakeholders with suggestions on any specific area that they may consider important for inclusion in the survey. Upon receipt of this input, an online survey will be developed and circulated to each of the stakeholder groups, which will reflect and take into account their different viewpoints and interests.

The published document Consultation Process on the Development of a Proposed Framework for Trusted Student Identification and Access to Services on a Cross Border Basisis available for download.


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