Poland Introduces Mandatory ID Cards for Schools and Kindergartens

The Polish government has introduced the possibility of a new school pupil id document in the form of plastic ID-1 cards instead of a paper id which has been used to date.

The new system is allowed for the first time since September 1st 2018 which started a new school year.


There are several types of graphic design of the school card, depending on the type of the school.

It is not mandatory for a school to issue a card with any electronic chip on it (it is an option only) but they are officially called “e-legitymacja” (e-ID).

Validity date is put only in the form of a special hologram sticker, which has a validity date engraved on it. “e-legitymacja” is prepared for a thermo transfer personalisation, in which the school and pupil data is printed on the card.

There is also the possibility of placing a contactless chip on the card. However, it is the director’s decision what chip and what services will be based on this chip. The most popular expectation is that the card will hold a public transportation ticket for school pupils and time & attendance feature for kindergarten children.

It is not decided who will run the personalisation process. It may be done by the school itself, but it seems the whole equipment and software for chip cards will be too expensive for the majority of schools so personalisation will probably be organised by regional school authorities. 

Information Source: OpTeam, Poland. www.opteam.pl

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