inepro combines RFID and BLE technology in one single reader

inepro has been developing document accounting, authentication, payment and management solutions for more than 2 decades. Think for example, about authentication at Multi Functional Printers for secure release of documents or enabling payments at self-service kiosks such as vending machines.

For these devices inepro develops RFID-readers for installation into self-service stations or stand-alone operation at printers and access points. Because of its innovation-driven character inepro is able to support no less than 85 different RFID technologies with their latest and very successful SCR reader. In addition, inepro offers features such as security functions, interfaces (USB or IP network) and remote update options through the network or via a configuration card.

inepro is now working on a reader that combines RFID and BLE technology in one single device. The reader is currently in the certification phase and should be available on the market by the beginning of next year. The new SCR-BLE reader will be smaller than inepro’s current SCR reader and communicates with cell phones via BLE in addition to the existing communication using 125 KHz and 13,56 MHz.

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