European Campus Card Association Conference 2019

The European Campus Card Association Conference was recently held in Johannes Kepler University in Linz Austria from May 19thto 21stlast. This conference was attended by delegates from over 15 countries. Presentations, practical demonstrations and workshops were presented by expert speakers from across the world, in particular Europe and the US, covering a wide range of issues relating to campus cards and more. The conclusions and incidences of the conference can be found on our website.

The success of the conference, which was clearly visible to all who attended, certainly provided a lot of interesting discussion and debate on the future of eID and its role in the delivery of efficient and quality services for colleges and universities both on and off campus. It was also obvious to all that there are challenges ahead, however as an association we can help and support each other to overcome these challenges. Providing networking opportunities to address this is important and this is one of the main aims of the ECCA conference.


At our conference workshop on the “Campus eID of the Future” there was much interaction on this topic from those present. The workshop outcome clearly identified challenges that need to be overcome in the delivery of a campus student eID. ECCA is actively progressing with a “Consultation Process on the Development of a Proposal for a Trusted Student Identification Framework” (Student eID Framework). This process will support European policies on the provision of secure identification and authentication on a cross-border basis in Europe by generating knowledge and awareness of the benefits derived from a common eID among the main stakeholders from different member states.


The conference exhibition area also attracted a number of leading card companies and technology developers, providing an insight into the current and future technology hardware and software systems.

The European Campus Card Association continues to become a stronger association each year and this was particularly evident at this year’s conference. Next year’s conference will be hosted by Humboldt University in Berlin Germany.

For further information on the European Campus Card Association or the annual conference you can visit the ECCA website at or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.