SALTO’s SVN-Flex feature enables electronic locks to update student smart card at any wireless door

SALTO Systems SVN-Flex is a feature that enables SALTO stand-alone electronic locks and cylinders to update student card directly at the door. This SALTO access control technology makes keyless, wire-free smart campus a reality. SVN-Flex maximises the potential, efficiency, and reliability of the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN), increasing the security, control, and convenience for users while reducing the cost of installation and increasing the value of students smart campus cards.

“​SVN-Flex is a game changer that creates a new standard in access control,”​ said Marc Handels, Chief Technical Officer of SALTO Systems. “​The door is the first touch point for students in a student campus access control system and making its wireless smart lock hardware an updating point for smart student cards maximises functionality and brings an unprecedented level of convenience and security for both students and campus administrators.​”

Increases the number of updating points

SALTO has developed a suite of access control solutions for education that balances security with accessibility and advanced technology with affordability. By embedding high performance electronic access control into their infrastructure, universities, colleges, schools, research and development institutes, academies, kindergartens, and similar organizations can protect their people, assets, and buildings while providing world-class facilities that attract students and drive revenues.

SVN-Flex functionality can be enabled on any product in the SALTO XS4 BLUEnet-enabled electronic lock rangeBased on SALTO’s BLUEnet wireless communications technology, SVN core technology, and in combination with the trusted access control management platform and high-quality XS4 electronic locking solutions, SVN-Flex extends and increases the number of updating points directly to any door in a campus. SVN-Flex functionality can be enabled on any product in the SALTO XS4 BLUEnet-enabled electronic lock range.

SVN-Flex is managed via SALTO’s ProAccess SPACE web-based access control management software. Adding SVN-Flex to an access control solution results in an exponential increase in security, control, effectiveness, and convenience for users and system managers, as the communication between devices flows in real-time on wireless online access points and much faster on offline points.

Ability to cross-link wireless locks

Education facilities have many areas to protect: building entrances, classrooms, lecture rooms, libraries, laboratories, staff rooms, sports centres, etc. An entire campus - or campuses - can protected by smart access control that allows access to specific rooms or specific areas for selected periods only, with doors auto locking at prespecified times, as necessary. This system can be used to supply credentialed access to faculty, staff, and even students. If required, an education solution can also incorporate special features such as an Amok smart door-locking function that enables classrooms and facilities to be quickly locked down during a security or other emergency event.

SVN-Flex dramatically reduces the cost of installing additional updating points in an access control system yet provides the capability of adding updating points where required across the campus. It might have been challenging in the past to provide several updating points on one building floor when required for security, for example. With SVN-Flex, however, the options for affordable updating points are endless: emergency exits, hall doors, gates equipped with mechanical cylinders, perimeter doors, and much more.

Benefit of SVN-Flex includes the ability to easily cross-link stand-alone, wireless locks and online access points

Another benefit of SVN-Flex includes the ability to easily cross-link stand-alone, wireless locks and online access points and integrate into existing IT networks without consuming valuable resources. This produces a reliable, on-premise infrastructure for access control that is designed to adapt and grow with any demand; from just one door and user up to hundreds of doors with thousands of users.

Data-on-card backbone core technology

In the event of a network failure, SVN-Flex continues to operate seamlessly via SALTO’s SVN data-on-card backbone core technology, ensuring that no one will be locked out or any unwanted access will be permitted.

Because SVN-Flex is based on SALTO’s SVN core technology, it’s compatible on sites that already use SVN. Just by installing SALTO BLUEnet wireless locks or cylinders in high traffic access points, current SALTO customers will benefit from a boost in their existing SVN system because it will increase the number of updating points.

Our products are designed to be affordable and functional for customers of any size"

The rest of the offline installation will still work autonomously, but vital information like blacklist dissemination, user access plan updates, battery status reports, or access audit trail reports will be updated more frequently.

Smart access control solutions

“​SVN-Flex is yet another example of SALTO’s commitment to delivering the most technologically-advanced access control solutions on the market – smart, contactless, and mobile,​” said Handels. “​And provide education institutions with a secure, flexible solution that meets all of these requirements and more.”

About SALTO Systems

Since 2001, SALTO Systems has been delivering state-of-the-art wire-free and keyless electronic access control solutions. SALTO is driven by continuous improvement and is committed to developing the most technologically-advanced and flexible electronic locking solutions for any kind of door. and user needs. SALTO has established itself as a global market leader in electronic access control solutions.

SALTO continues to grow the value of its brand, and today, SALTO is synonymous with innovative solutions that set new standards in security, manageability, flexibility and design that bring real-world benefits. The pioneering SALTO Virtual Network SVN data-on-card and technology platforms provides stand-alone, smart locking solutions that continue to set SALTO apart. More recently, the company’s technological expertise has brought SALTO to leading positions in both cloud-based access control technology and mobile access solutions.

Having revolutionized access control in a vast number of industries and applications – from office, education, healthcare, transport and commercial buildings to business access, hospitality and residential – SALTO continues to deliver industry-leading electronic locking solutions to markets across the globe.