The European Campus Card Association (ECCA) is actively progressing with a ‘Consultation Process on the Development of a Proposal for a Trusted Student Identification Framework’ (Student eID Project) that will use internet technologies to support the provision of secure identification and authentication of students on a cross-border basis in Europe.

The purpose of this Student eID Project is to obtain a consensus between European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), service providers, students and the relevant stakeholders on the necessary structure, technologies and requirements that will facilitate the implementation of a common student eID throughout Europe.

This project, supported by the Vietsch Foundation, is an essential first step in the consultation process on the ‘Development of a Proposal for a Trusted Student Identification Framework’.

As part of this consultation process, an on-line survey was commissioned, in November 2019 (over a three-week period), to obtain the views and opinions of all relevant stakeholders regarding their requirements and the benefits of a European Student eID that will overcome the obstacles to the cross-border mutual recognition of students. In addition, the Student eID will provide access to both academic and non-academic services on a cross-border basis. This survey was representative of all stakeholders, which included HEIs, service providers, students and others, from Europe, USA, Canada, and Asia, with a minimum of 150 target respondents. The total responses to the survey was 217 and the number of fully completed survey responses was 190 (completion rate 88%). For the purpose of the analysis of the results, only the fully completed 190 responses are included in this analysis.

The outcome from direct market research through an on-line survey, has provided an important first step in the consultation process (‘The Development of a Proposal for a Trusted Student Identification Framework’). It has fostered a process of dialogue with the relevant stakeholders and has established an important knowledge base on the current state-of-the-art. In addition, it has identified a high level of interest and support from the stakeholders for the concept of a European student eID. This research provides the ideal foundation to proceed with the next phase, which is to establish the future state-of-the-art and achieve the ultimate goal of enabling secure identification and authentication of students across borders with their European student eID.


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