About the Project




The “Consultation Process on the Development of a Proposal for a Trusted Student Identification Framework” project is the initial phase of a research program by ECCA to support the provision of secure identification and authentication on a cross-border basis in Europe.

The project commenced in September 2019 and will be complete in June 2020.

The results of each project deliverable will be available in the “Publications” section.


Deliverable 1: State of the Art - October 2019 

Deliverable 2: Online Survey - European Student eID Requirements - (November - December 2019)

Deliverable 3: Regional Workshops in Sweden, Portugal, Netherlands, Czech Republic (February & March 2020)

Deliverable 4: Report on State of the Art, Survey Findings, Regional Workshops (April 2020)

Deliverable 5: Dissemination of Project Results (May/June 2020)


This project is supported by the Vietsch Foundation https://www.vietsch-foundation.org/