About the Project

EU Student Card Extension and Adoption (ESC-tension Project)

The ESC-tension project commenced in November 2020 and is for a period of 24 months. There are seven partners in the project and the coordinator is Fondazione ENDISU. The purpose of the project is based on to date there is no "focal point" at national level of Member States or at European level to facilitate the adoption of the European Student Card by the HEIs and by the students. What is available to date are the "technological" guidelines to enable HEIs to harmonise their IT systems to the requirements necessary for the ESC’s issuance.

However, there is a lack of administrative, management, operational and technical tools and resources to enable the adoption of the ESC and, above all, to adapt the systems for managing services on and off campus to ESC standards. This is particularly important, taking into account the administrative and cultural specificities of the national context, as well as the strategic development lines of each HEI. The ESC-tension project, therefore fills this gap, and meets this need by developing resources and tools to adapt the local student charter and student services to ESC standards.

Project Partners: 

1. ENDISU (Project Coordinator)

2. EDUCatt 

3. University of Malaga

4. Humboldt University of Berlin 

5. John Paul II Universita Cattolica of Lublin (KUL)

6. European Campus Card Association (ECCA)

7. EU Student Union